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Paolo Maimone


Paolo Maimone’s career began from his humble start in black and white photography. In the pursuit for perfection in large scale shows, he began a study of colours for the purpose of creating spectacular theatrical lighting.


A winner of two Italian photography competitions, he was the Director of Photography for the 13th FINA Swimming World Championships Opening Ceremony in Rome.

As Technical Director and Producer, Paolo’s use of lighting, pyrotechnics, oversized video projections add to the visually stunning stimulating imagery of many theatre shows.

Countries and cities such as Singapore, Istanbul, Rome, Oman, Kenya are some of the cities where various organisations has realised its events and installations with the full collaboration of Paolo Maimone.


As a man of many talents, in 2011, Paolo’s great artistic poster mesh to camouflage the scaffolding of the former Supreme Court while it was undergoing construction made front page news of the Straits Times, Singapore.


Valentina Ribaudo


Dancer and choreographer Valentina Ribaudo began her journey in dance when she was a child.

She graduated in Classical Dance and continued her studies with Flamenco, eventually arriving at Contemporary Dance, the genre she perceives to be her true domain and area of expertise. Ribaudo became part of Nuova Danza and worked with the Company for ten years.

In 1996, Ribaudo began working with Studio Festi as a dancer and then a choreographer and was involved in casting for all Studio Festi’s artistic personnel. She has created exciting choreography for worldwide events, travelling to Macau, Brazil, Moscow, Turkey, Lebanon, Mexico, Colombia, New York,  Africa, Spain and Germany.

Since 2011,  Valentina has joined forces with Namaste Europa in the role of Artistic Consultant and Creative Director.



Namaste Europa SA

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