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Luminarie - Sculptures of Light

"Over the centuries has been seen as a powerful unifying symbol – Namaste”


Revisit the full bodied and varied character of the 16th & 17th century Baroque architecture with the Luminarie -  Sculptures of Light.


The popularity of light as art in public spaces seems new but it’s not.


In fact, but there is a long history of lighting public spaces to create displays to delight visitors: “Gas-lit Paris” was proclaimed the world’s first “city of light” as long ago as the 1800s.


The 1900s saw the rise of neon and fluorescent lighting, which became synonymous with advertising in the early part of the century, sometimes turning public spaces into light-filled attractions in their own right around the world.


The bright lights of New York have to include a trip to the lights of Time Square, and a visit to London meant a trip to Piccadilly Circus to soak up the atmosphere in a neon glow.


Light art became recognized as an art form in the late 20th century, but it’s only in the last 20-25 years that light art has been used in cities and public spaces



Every piece here is individually and delicately hand-made by Italian craftsmen from the region of Puglia.


These sculptures of light are full of form, dramatic intensity and emotions.

The Luminarie makes spaces grand, intimate and magical.


Activation of cities and communities

Celebrations and a symbol of resilience

Marking moments of remembrance and tribute

Unifying force, transcending age, language and gender

Energising spaces, making it grand, intimate and magical

Watch the video below on Luminarie:

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